Meet Your Western Bonanza 2017 Judges!

We are proud to announce the judges who will be at the 2017 Western Bonanza show!



Just Win, Baby

By Associated Feed & Supply Co.

Just Win, Baby. Those famous words of longtime Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis have lived on for decades, a testament to their simple power. Associated Feed & Supply Co. is proud to carry a tradition of “Just winning” in business and livestock competition that Turlock, California’s Swanson Family has established by providing the best feeding solutions with honesty and fairness for the past 75 years.

We’ve been thrilled to be a part of winning livestock projects throughout California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington products for every level of competition, from providing affordable entry level feed and guidance to first-time exhibitors to helping fine-tune the feeding programs for state and national champions. And when it comes to winning with livestock in California, we know it doesn’t get much bigger than Western Bonanza, “The Best in the West” livestock show since 1985.

We’d love to help you “Just win” too. Grab one of our livestock management handbooks, like us on Facebook–ShowMaker (home of Lamb Slam and Dominator Goat), Rival, Show-Rite, or Lindner; or get in touch and let us know if one of our representatives can help your FFA or 4-H group get to the next level. Then get out there and “Just win, baby!”



California Here We Come

By Jonathan Hjelmervik

BS013_064_2016_Western_Bonanza_SocialMediaGraphics_FINAL_11Even half a country away here in Texas, the Western Bonanza Junior Livestock Show has an impressive reputation. Growing up in the livestock industry myself, I know the value of jackpot shows and the opportunities they present. Some of my best times were in the show ring at a jackpot show getting in just one more show before hitting the road for the majors.

Livestock shows allow kids and families to grow and flourish together and we want to be a part of that. That is why we are thrilled to be a part of the Western Bonanza for the second year in a row. I believe in the stock show life and kids who grow up in it. And as a company, StandAlone Feed is committed to giving back to the industry that provides priceless opportunities.

The main reason we developed the StandAlone line of feed supplements is we felt like there was a position in the market for a product that did more than just one thing. A lot of supplements only cover one aspect of improvement when raising an animal. Our product allows for many areas of improvement in just one bottle!

We offer supplements for show cattle (both regular and high fat versions), swine (both regular and high fat versions), goats and sheep. The nutrients in StandAlone are the building blocks of appetite, hair coat, muscle and fat development as well as joint and foot health. We truly believe that our product stands alone among all the rest. StandAlone is specifically formulated to help your animal reach its full genetic potential. But don’t just take our word for it.

“We started out with the bulls that summer and within the first two weeks I saw real big difference. The bulls were getting a lot stouter, their weight-per-day of age, the way they consumed feed, it was just really really good. From that point on I was a big fan and knew it was the thing for me. We went ahead and put all the show cattle on it full time and the biggest thing I have seen is just how they attack the feed.” –Garrett Blanchard, Silveria Brothers

I look forward to seeing you all at the show next month. Be sure to stop by, say hello and let’s visit about how we can help you Stand Alone in the winner’s circle.



Stand Alone’s booth at the 2016 Western Bonanza

Western Bonanza Scholarship


Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 2.08.32 PM.png

Cal Poly’s Western Bonanza Junior Livestock Show is pleased to announce the reestablishment of our scholarship program. The mission of this scholarship is to encourage educational pursuits and goals of the exhibitors who have demonstrated leadership, academic excellence, and interest within the agricultural industry. The selected recipient will receive up to $1,000 from our 2016 show. Note. If the recipient attends California Polytechnic State University during the 2016-2017 academic year, the Animal Science Department will match funds.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:
• Exhibit an animal at the 2016 Western Bonanza Junior Livestock Show
• Enrolled in their first year of college or a high school senior
• Obtain a minimum of a 3.4 GPA
• Intend to pursue a major in agriculture
• Applying to or are attending a junior college or university for the 2016-17 academic year
• Provide proof of enrollment in junior college or university prior to receiving funds

Applications will be reviewed by the scholarship committee. Selected applicants will be notified regarding an interview. Interviews will be conducted during the Western Bonanza weekend, February 12th-14th. Applicants must be present for the interview. Application Deadline: January 15, 2016

Download the 2016 Western Bonanza Scholarship Application

Managers attend American Royal

IMG_8915Every year more than one hundred students plan and organize Cal Poly’s annual Western Bonanza Junior Livestock Show. This year the show is set for February 12-14, at the Paso Robles Event Center. During October, the 2016 Western Bonanza managers, along with their advisor, had the unique opportunity to attend the American Royal Livestock Show in Kansas City. The American Royal started in 1899 and is now one of the largest shows in the nation. After spending three days at the show the managers gained many new ideas to bring back and incorporate into this year’s Western Bonanza. Check out what each manager personally took away from the experience below:

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.23.30 PMSuzanne Amaral, General Manager
I felt extremely lucky to have the opportunity to travel to Kansas City to watch The American Royal. While I was very involved in showing at jackpot shows, I never personally had the chance to compete at a show of that caliber. It was a great opportunity for the Western Bonanza Management Team to be able to attend such a prestigious show and get ideas on how to continuously make our show better and better, as well as make connections that will benefit our futures.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.23.53 PM

Jace Tarbell, Livestock Manager
The trip to American Royal was extremely beneficial to the development and improvement of Western Bonanza. The American Royal provided many great opportunities to observe the amount of detail they place into their livestock shows and the prestige around winning the shows in Kansas City is awesome! However, the food was absolutely the best part and Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue was amazing!

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.22.56 PMAllison Finkes, Office Manager
Attending American Royal was a unique experience for me because I didn’t grow up showing livestock competitively. It was amazing to see how passionate the exhibitors and their supporters were about the livestock they showed. Watching American Royal reminded me that we need to continue to improve the show and awards by increasing premiums and payouts to acknowledge the time and effort the exhibitors put into their animals.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.23.23 PMKatie Roberti, Marketing Manager
I loved attending American Royal! Seeing the quality of animals presented at this show was truly amazing. I was particularly enthralled with the steer show. I’m excited to take this experience and create a few new media projects out of some of the ideas I got while at American Royal, including videos and a blog for Western Bonanza.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.23.38 PM

Shelby Zumwalt, Sponsorships Manager
While at the American Royal I noticed some different ways of incorporating the sponsor’s signage into the show rings as well as around the facilities. After meeting with the Livestock Manager from the National Western Livestock Show, she was able to give me a ton of new ideas on how to improve Western Bonanza by improving advertisement for the sponsors. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.23.14 PMDiane Meyer, Facilities Manager
It was great attending American Royal. Although the facilities are very different from ours, there were several aspects of the show Western Bonanza can benefit from. American Royal did a great job at promoting corporate sponsors by placing logos and banners around the show. I also loved the colored shavings and other decorative details that gave each show ring more of a ‘wow’ factor.